jason john würm is located in brooklyn, new york.

contact:  jason.wurm@gmail.com

Selected Group Exhibitions

Work in Progress on In Progress Work, Heliopolis, Brooklyn, NY

Another New York, Barclays Arena, Brooklyn, NY

Marty’s Cool Biennial, Heliopolis, Brooklyn, NY

If This Is It, Presents Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

New Work, New York, Levi’s Photo Workshop, New York, NY

Open Studios, Jupiter the Mighty Oak, Brooklyn, NY
Live Wonderfully, 219 Ave A, New York, NY
And Then, What Then, Capricious Space, Brooklyn, NY

Various Photographs, New York Photo Festival, Brooklyn, NY   
Platonia – Land of Nows, A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery,Brooklyn, NY

Tiny Vices, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, NY

Photo New York, New York Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY

Mentor Show, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY

Its Going to Look like an Art Show, Stolen Spaces, Brooklyn, NY
Selected Bibliography

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Aug 7

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Another New York, Brooklyn Photographers Explore a New Take

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New York, NY, July 15
Talent / Photography Jason John Würm, Fiasco Magazine, London, UK, March 12              

Work in Progress on in Progress Work, self published

Proving Ground, self published

Southern California, self published

Wall Paper, edited by Phillip Tomaru and Martin Masetto, art zine,
  Arts and Sciences Press
If This Is It, Catalogue, Published by Waal-boght Press
Lake County, self published
Vampire Rules, edited by Ethan Swan

In My America, self published
The Collector’s Guide to Emerging Art Photography, published by 
Humble Arts Foundation
Various Photographs, edited by Tim Barber, published by TV Books
Suggestions, edited by Andrea Longacre-White, Forsythian Press
Photo New York Expo Catalogue

Everything Falls Apart, Work by Carl Gunhouse, Heliopolios Brooklyn, 2013

Heliopolis, Brooklyn, 2013

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